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Apply for a Free Evaluation Call below. During the call, you and I will break down the causes of your porn addiction together. You will gain personalized direction and insights for your recovery. I’ll also be happy to answer any questions you have about the program.

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What is Intensive Porn Addiction Recovery?

Intensive Recovery is a highly personalized and applied approach to getting sober. My program doesn't waste time simply helping you "face" or "fight" cravings. Instead, we assess your unique roots of addiction, and create daily mindset and lifestyle practices that remove those roots. You won't quit porn just because you're "disciplined enough", but because you've solved the underlying causes of your addiction, and you've simply lost your desire for it!

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“After going through several therapists in the past two decades, this is by far the best experience I have had. The program is well structured and was designed to produce individual transformation. I can say with certainty that this curriculum is different from anything I've ever experienced. Jake is ready to listen and interested in what I have to say, there is no judgment, but a place of genuine empathy. He's also ready to teach from personal experience, heart-to-heart.”


About Jake

Mental Health Expertise

Years of professional experience in the mental health field informs every hands-on, psychological & behavioral practice I use to help my clients get rid of porn addiction.

Intensive Recovery Coach

As an Intensive Recovery Coach, I help men across the world build a "no more porn" lifestyle. My program is actionable and straightforward. You'll develop new, long-lasting habits through cutting-edge psychological methods and practical exercises that work.

I've Been There

You'll work with a man who gets it! I've walked the walk. I know what it's like to struggle with addiction and feel hopeless, and I know exactly how to break free and overcome porn addiction for good.

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Stop Porn Addiction

Live the No More Porn Lifestyle

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