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1-on-1 Intensive Recovery

Develop the recovery mindset and lifestyle you need to quit pornography for good. Find success through...


Weekly 1-on-1 Sessions 


Daily Practices & Accountability


Hands-On Psychological Exercises


Tailored & Personalized Recovery Plan


Structured, Step-by-Step Recovery Program


Recovery Mindset & Lifestyle Focused

What Has Porn Addiction Taken From You?

  • Peace in your relationships

  • Healthy sexual intimacy

  • Interests & hobbies you once loved

  • Motivation and focus for work & life

  • Presence & love of the moment.

  • Social confidence & enjoyment

  • Feeling proud to be who you are

  • Self-trust & self-respect

Get it All Back

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“Addicted to pornography and masturbation for close to 38 years, I have tried to stop multiple times. I looked at my support team - I had my wife, SA brothers, and a Sponsor, but something was missing. Then I heard one of Jake’s podcasts, and he spoke my language. Jake has helped me learn how to communicate with my wife, recognize and work on character defects, and forgive, accept, and love the different pieces of me. He also has a special talent for slipping little comments, suggestions, or advice towards the end of each one-on-one meeting; I’m calling them ‘Nuggets From Jake,’ and I look forward to them.”


What You'll Experience in the Intensive Recovery Program

Weekly 1-on-1 Sessions 

  • Don't waste time focusing on the addictive behavior itself. Instead, transform habits so you can prevent porn cravings.

  • Work with a professional who has personal experience quitting porn. Feel understood, and receive tailored instruction.

  • I don't use shame, fear, or willpower tactics. We'll focus on long-term lifestyle and mindset changes that work.

  • Understand the exact reasons for your addiction & what specific things actions you need to take using applied exercises.

Hands-On Psychological Exercises

  • These psychological methods work long-term. You'll use them everyday, so you can overcome porn addiction for good.

  • Train your mind to become positive and resilient in the face of difficult emotions. 

  • Stop fighting cravings for porn and instead learn to diffuse them by getting to the root cause. 

  • Heal important relationships using applied methods and principles. 

Structured Recovery Program

  • Follow a step-by-step program that takes you through each stage of recovery. Stop watching porn by transforming your spiritual, mental, physical, and relational well-being.

  • Understand the causes of addiction and practical methods allied with spiritual principles to overcome each one. 

  • Learn the 3 forms of mental resistance that fuel addiction & the 3 forms of mental acceptance that empower recovery.

  • Implement proven recovery tools, including the Sobriety Story, Sobriety Schedule, Recovery Beliefs, Relationship Manual, Mental Mantras, Harm Reduction, and more.

Daily Assessments & Accountability

  • This cutting-edge psychological process replaces negative ways of thinking with new, positive ways of thinking.

  • Follow structured, daily check-ins that help you build the habits of recovery. Learn exactly why you experience cravings, how to prevent them.

  • No wasted time with "So, how's recovery going?" talk therapy. These daily check-ins/assessments make it so I already know how things are going before you and I meet, and I have solutions ready for you at every session.

Personalized Recovery Plan

  • We'll develop a personalized plan that fits your needs using iron-clad recovery principles and proven exercises.

  • Determine exactly what's leading to your porn addiction. Develop deep understanding for yourself & work with me step-by-step to overcome personal obstacles.

  • Focus on spiritual, mental, physical & relationship solutions. Don't waste time simply trying to quit porn. Instead, transform your lifestyle & mindset so you no longer crave it.

Recovery Mindset & Lifestyle Focused

  • Learn to lose your cravings for addiction. I'll teach you the root causes of addiction, and the exact solutions for recovery.

  • My program is structured and practical. This is not talk therapy. You and I will work on REAL, long-term solutions based in psychological principles & habit-replacement.

  • Build your foundation & forge your recovery tools. I'll give you everything you need to stay sober for good. 

  • Carry these skills into the rest of life. This isn't a temporary intervention. It's a structured process to develop strong, rooted, life-long recovery.


My Approach

Addiction is just a symptom. Get to the root of it by developing a recovery mindset and lifestyle, so you can can quit porn for good.

Shame-Free Solutions

Personalized Plans & Goals

Mindset & Lifestyle Changes

Psychological Practices Allied with Spiritual Principles

Step-By-Step Habit Change

Daily Exercises & Accountability

Practical. Simple. Actionable.

What is Intensive Porn Addiction Recovery?

My program doesn't waste time simply getting you to "stop watching porn". Instead, I give you daily, applied exercises to establish a recovery mindset and lifestyle. You won't quit porn just because you're "disciplined enough", but because you've simply lost your desire for it!

“Jake Kastleman has been a huge help in my recovery journey. He encourages positive behavior patterns and has always been a support to me. It is common to find coaches whose cup is already full, not with Jake. He is still humble and always searching for ways to make improvements, both in his own recovery and for those he works with.” 
- Adam
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This is Different From Anything You've Tried Before

  • I don’t just teach my clients how to "quit porn". I teach them to develop a recovery mindset and lifestyle so they lose their desire for porn.

  • I don’t focus on porn use. I focus on the mental, emotional & relationship factors behind the porn use. Solve those, and the cravings go away.

  • This is not a "recovery band-aid." You get to the root of challenges & develop recovery habits using hands-on practices.

  • I don’t just give you techniques or theories. Step-by-step, I teach you the same practices I've used to stay clean for years. 

It's Time. Take Back Your Life.

About Jake

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Mental Health Expertise

Years of professional experience in the mental health field informs every hands-on, psychological & behavioral practice I use to help my clients get rid of porn addiction.

Intensive Recovery Coach

As an Intensive Recovery Coach, I help men across the world build a "no more porn" lifestyle. My program is actionable and straightforward. You'll develop new, long-lasting habits through cutting-edge psychological methods and practical exercises that work.

I've Been There

You'll work with a man who gets it! I've walked the walk. I know what it's like to struggle with addiction and feel hopeless, and I know exactly how to break free and overcome porn addiction for good.

Green Mountains

Ready to Break Free From Porn?

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