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1-on-1 Porn Recovery Coaching for Christians

Develop the tools and mindset you need to quit pornography for good. Find success through...


Weekly 1-on-1 Sessions 


Daily Check-Ins


Personalized Plan


Weekly Exercises


Full Access to Structured Recovery Program


Weekly Goal Setting & Accountability

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"I attribute a lot of my ability to dig deep and find the roots of my problems to Jake Kastleman. He provides training that is very helpful. His curriculum is centered on positivity and puts my focus on the fact that I am a being of light and goodness and that my mistakes don’t define me. I have really enjoyed all the empathy and positive direction received in my communications with Jake. Shame is removed and recovery is gained by my new found ability to awake with a smile and positive mindset each day with newly discovered tools to overcome this problem in my life." 

- Doug

Why Choose No More Desire ™ Porn Addiction Recovery Coaching?

Weekly 1-on-1 Sessions 

  • Work with someone who has both personal & professional experience with porn addiction recovery. Feel understood and get quality help.

  • Transform your mindset and daily habits. Learn to prevent porn cravings before they begin. 

  • Work with a fellow Christian who believes in a loving God that does not look down on porn addicts, but loves them unconditionally & wants to empower each step of their recovery.

  • No wasted time with "So, how's recovery going?" talk therapy. Work through a structured coaching program supported by daily check-ins. In every session I already know "how you're doing", because I've kept up with you throughout the week.

Structured Recovery Program

  • Follow a program that takes you step-by-step through recovery. Based on Christian 12-Step principles, this program will help you stop watching porn through improving your spiritual, mental, physical, and relational well-being. 

  • Understand the 7 causes of addiction and practice the spiritual and practical methods for overcoming each one. 

  • Practice the 7 solutions for recovery and learn to implement them in everything you do.

  • Heal your relationship with God and others. Come to understand what keeps you from connecting and transcend it.

Personalized Recovery Plan

  • Get a personalized plan that fits your needs. Build the skills necessary to overcome porn addiction.

  • Work with me each week to determine exactly what's leading to your porn addiction. Develop a deep understanding of your addiction and work with me step-by-step to overcome these obstacles.

  • Focus on the spiritual, mental, physical, and relational solutions for recovery. Don't waste time simply trying to quit porn; instead transform your life and mentality into one that is naturally inclined to recover.

  • Get 1-on-1 attention from someone who has been where you are. I know what addiction feels like. I've helped others, and I genuinely care and want you to recover. 

Daily Check-Ins

  • Follow structured, daily check-ins that help you build the habits of recovery. Learn exactly why you experience cravings, how to prevent them, and what to do in a crisis. 

  • Overcome the confusion about addiction.  Understand the exact reasons you go to addiction & what specific aspects of your life need to change.

  • Learn the necessary ingredients of a sober life and practice instilling them into your mind and lifestyle everyday.

Weekly Exercises

  • Utilize powerful and impactful written exercises developed by someone with personal and professional addiction recovery experience. 

  • Train your mind to become positive and resilient in the face of challenges. 

  • Come closer to God and Jesus Christ, so you can find long-lasting recovery.

  • Stop fighting cravings for porn and start diffusing the root causes. Experience spiritual and mental freedom. 

Personalized Recovery Goals

  • Set weekly goals that are achievable and reasonable. Work with me to determine what the most crucial aspects of your recovery are & take small steps that yield long-term outcomes.

  • Get insights and guidance through every step of recovery. Work with a personal recovery coach so you never feel lost or don't know where to start. 

  • Don't waste time with recovery methods that don't work. I don't use shame, fear, or willpower tactics; only methods that lead to peace and long-term sobriety. 

  • Stay motivated and accountable. I'll help keep you focused on what matters most for your recovery. 

“Since I have been working with Jake, he has taught me ways to cope with underlying issues, such as anxiety, shame and guilt, perfectionism and self doubt. Jake helps me focus on the positive and is a great mentor and coach to me. I am finding that addiction recovery is an ongoing process throughout my life, and I know that the things I have learned from Jake will help carry me through this life and become a better me.” 
- Heidi
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