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No More Desire

Shame-Free Porn Addiction Recovery for Christians

Freedom from Porn Addiction Starts Here

Download the free eBook. You'll learn...

  • 7 Causes of Porn Addiction.

  • 7 Solutions to Overcome Porn Addiction.

  • Methods to prevent and diffuse cravings.

  • Why willpower is not needed for recovery.

  • The thoughts and emotions that lead to watching porn, and how to stop them. 

  • The number one reason we stay addicted and how to overcome it.

  • How to stop feeling shame about sexual cravings.

  • Much, much more.

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Jake Kastleman Recovery Coaching for Christians

Porn Recovery Coaching For Christians

Develop the tools and mindset you need to quit pornography for good. Find success through...


Weekly 1-on-1 Sessions 


Daily Check-Ins


Structured Recovery Program


Weekly Exercises


Personalized Plan


Personalized Goals

I have both personal and professional experience with porn addiction recovery. I'll help you develop a personalized plan for success, as we take things one small step at a time together.


“Jake Kastleman has been a huge help in my recovery journey. He encourages positive behavior patterns and has always been a support to me. It is common to find coaches whose cup is already full, not with Jake. He is still humble and always searching for ways to make improvements, both in his own recovery and for those he works with.”

Hi, I'm Jake Kastleman

Christian Recovery Coach

I help Christians break free of shame and unwanted behaviors. Quitting porn is not so much about stopping the behavior itself, but discovering the underlying reasons you're seeking it out in the first place. In my intensive recovery program, I teach you the reasons we become addicted, powerful methods to break free from porn addiction, and help you discover not only sobriety, but long-lasting peace.

Jake Kastleman - Coaching to Overcome Porn Addiction

We think that by resisting cravings we'll stop watching porn. But when we fight and resist, it causes us to keep watching. I teach my clients to stop this cycle of shame and addiction, and tackle the underlying problems that lead to porn use in the first place. Recovery comes as a natural result of solving these underlying problems.

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